NxN solvable sudoku boards

I 'created' these boards using my own Perl script for a university course. I am assuming that the only people who will stumble on these will be in similar university courses. These boards are my own work, and are copyrighted (as much as a sudoku puzzle can be copyrighted). If you use these boards, please cite me, and my website as your source.

Now for an explanation... I had a final project in a uni course, which required me to compare solution speeds of different algorithms. Sadly, the instructor did not supply us with puzzles. You may think that finding sudoku puzzles is easy - and they are - when you are dealing with 9x9 boards. When you begin venturing into 16x16 boards, it is hard to find them. Sure you can create them by randomly injecting numbers into a grid - but you are probably not creating a solvable puzzle.

Due to time restraints for the final project, I rented a server with 8 cores. I ran my generator script on 7 of the 8 cores for roughly 72 hours. The following are the solvable boards which my script created. Note that the number of boards decrease as board sizes increase. In the 72 hours, I only found one 64x64 board.

I hope these boards are helpful :)

The following puzzles are Copyright Jordan Beja 2013